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Our Small Business Services

Income Tax Planning & Compliance

  • Taxes: Personal, Business, and Corporate and Non Profit
  • Knowledgeable Income Tax Planning - taking action before year end can yield the greatest tax savings

Accounting & Management


  • Accounting: manage daily and monthly transactions to keep up with the speed of business today
  • Payroll: Quarterly reporting to IRS and the State of Florida
  • Planning: Reporting and advice to support growth
  • Payables & Receivables: Management of supplier and customer invoices

Condominiums & HOAs


  • Reporting: Help managers and board members interpret the numbers for your Association
  • Budgeting: Advice on charting a future course to make your property more attractive and reduce total costs of ownership in the long run
  • Compliance: Assistance in following State of Florida standards for both reporting and budgeting for condominium and homeowners associations